Stagelink - Intelligent marketing automation for event promoters
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Stagelink: DE.SELL. MORE. TICKETS..Stagelink provides digital cross-channel marketing that simply works. Performance-based advertising on social media and search, delivering measurable results and maximizing return-on-invest..TRUSTED BY RESPECTED EVENT ORGANIZERS AND PROMOTERS.DATA-DRIVEN DIGITAL MARKETING ACROSS ALL CHANNELS.WE KNOW PASSIONATE EVENT AUDIENCES.USER PROFILES.100M+.TARGET COUNTRIES.100+.RETURN ON INVEST.450%.KNOW YOUR IMPACT..The daily campaign dashboard keeps you updated on the performance of your campaigns..To measure and maximize your conversion rate and campaign return (ROI), Stagelink integrates with various ticket shops:.REACH THE RIGHT PEOPLE..By combining millions of clustered user profiles from the Stagelink database with public, event-specific data, Stagelink finds the most relevant audiences for your campaigns..Every campaign is continuously being refined by tracking the performance of each audience segment for optimal results..OPTIMIZE YOUR COMMUNICATION..Stagelink perfectly fits creatives to each target audience by A/B/n testing of different combinations of ad texts, images, and videos..Stagelink supported VidCon's international expansion by engaging with key audie...

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