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Stackery: Select and configure services. Develop Lambdas locally against live AWS services. Manage your apps from pipeline to production..In the time it takes to erase your whiteboard, you can configure a cloudside development environment. By configuring your architecture with Stackery’s visual editing, resources will be configured with best practices such as least privilege permission scoping. You can also see live CloudFormation template changes in your IDE or our Visual Studio Code plugin which means you’ll learn infrastructure as Code concepts without spending hours reading docs..You can’t fit AWS in your laptop, so you’ll deploy your dev environment before writing functions. You also can’t deploy every 10 seconds, which is why the Stackery CLI enables you to build AWS Lambdas locally against live cloud services in your own AWS accounts with sandboxed development environments for everyone on the team. Focused productivity without distractions? Yes, please. Develop, debug, and ship with time left over to talk to end-users..As you grow from a dev environment to test/staging/prod and adding collaborators and services, the number of environment-specific secrets and resources such as test and...

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Stackery founded in 2016.