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StackShare: Google Compute Engine Amazon Web Services OVH Microsoft Azure Go GitHub.Last week, we released a fresh new release of Komiser with support of multiple AWS accounts. Komiser support multiple AWS accounts through named profiles that are stored in the credentials files..You can now analyze and identify potential cost savings on unlimited AWS environments (Production, Staging, Sandbox, etc) on one single dashboard..Read the full story in the blog post..I needed to make stack decisions accept a subset of Markdown, similarly to sites like Reddit or Stack Overflow..I used the redcarpet Ruby gem for parsing, and Rails' sanitize helper made it very easy to only allow certain tags: links, bold, italics, lists, code blocks, paragraphs..Problem solved! #StackDecisionsLaunch.I am working on #OpenSource file uploader. The uploader is the widget that other developers embed in their apps. It should work well in different browsers and on different devices. BrowserStack and Sauce Labs help to achieve that. I can test the uploader in many varieties of browsers+OS only used my browser without virtual machines..We use Relay because it's ability to generate Flow (JS) types based on given GraphQL fragmen...

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