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Spoiler Alert: Better manage unsold food inventory.Software tools and services to recover value from slow-moving, distressed and obsolete inventory within manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce..Software. We align with a company’s unique product catalog and ERP systems to understand the effectiveness of existing shrink management efforts..Analytics. We perform benchmarking and gap analyses that highlight the most effective areas for shrink reduction and waste diversion..Optimization. We introduce tailored procedures and deploy industry-tested services, from network building and training to goal setting and communications strategies..Unlock item-level insights to drive operational improvements at an individual facility or across a portfolio of locations.Optimize the flow of unsold inventory to new and established outlets that unlock value before product ends up as trash.Clearly articulate what is at stake and potential ROI to facilitate key stakeholder engagement and alignment.We support industry leaders across the manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce verticals.

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