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Spitfire Athlete: HOME.BLOG.PRESSKIT.DOWNLOAD.SHOP.CONTACT.See plans of nationally ranked female athletes..Warm up, workout, cool down, and tracking all in one..We guide you to achieve your goals and see results..Disclaimer: we do not guarantee specific results, your results can vary..SIELO P..I started off 3 years ago with running, to lose weight, then last year I got into strength training. I went on the App Store and found Spitfire. I saw how amazing it looked, and thought, "Wow, this app shows pictures of girls just like me working their asses off, I definitely want to be like them!" It took me nearly 4 months to finish a 4 week program because my body wasn't used to intense training like this. I'm very impressed with the results that I got. My physical body has improved, and my mental strength has greatly improved. Trust me, even if you don't get the results you will still benefit in some way, even if you can't see it. Building strength is far more than just the physical aspect. Building strength is the greatest thing you can do for every aspect of your body. It makes you resilient, self reliant, and a hard worker. It's a long journey, but it definitely is all worth it. When you workout, you ga...

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