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Solenica: Where the sun can’t reach, Caia can. We bring sunlight from outdoors inside, for you to enjoy..Caia the natural lighting robot brightens up your home with real sunlight, sending the sun where you need it most – all day long.You can place Caia anywhere with no installation and she will brighten your home or office with sunshine. Just set her in a sunny spot inside or out, point in the direction you want to illuminate, and Caia does the rest. And you never need to plug her in or recharge because she’s solar-powered!.The world’s first powerful, portable, and cost-effective solution for bringing natural light into your home. As strong as 13 lightbulbs, Caia is a long term, low-maintenance fix for bringing real sunlight into your home..WATCH.HOW TO SETUP CAIA.GLOOMY ROOM?.Do you have a room in your home or office that rarely sees the sun?.1. PLACE.Place Caia on a flat surface or mount her on a balcony railing or wall, anywhere she can access the sun. She seamlessly integrates with her environment due to her elegant design..2. POINT.Aim Caia where you need sunlight. High or low, near or far, Caia can help. Just turn her on and let her do her magic..3. BRIGHTEN.Enjoy a brighter room fille...

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