SO1 is building the most advanced promotion AI to enable retailers to deliver high impact 1:1 discounts with smart individualized offers and appealing content.
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Product info Today, the average shopper has become immune to the bombardment of mass-produced coupons and offers. As a result, 59% of promotions globally don’t break even (Nielsen, 2016) – with retailers wasting billions on the wrong consumers, substitute offers, and exaggerated discounts..Today’s consumers prefer streamlined, “me-focused” lifestyles over cluttered and spam-filled inboxes. The time has come for retailers to evolve the methods by which they truly connect with each individual customer again. Because 67% of customers have already switched vendors for a more consumer-like experience (SalesForce, 2018)..Our AI-based solution delivers precisely this personalized promotion experience via a fully autonomous and self-learning promotion channel that efficiently influences individual purchase decisions, flexibly adapts to your financial goals, and scales to millions of individual customers’ needs at the push of a button! Thus, SO1 supports 76% of consumers that expect companies to understand their needs and expectations (SalesForce, 2018)..From day 1 after integration, SO1 delivers measurable impact on your financial goals – essentially paying for itself..More than half a dozen major groc...

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