Snips — Using Voice to Make Technology Disappear
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Snips: Snips provides Private-By-Design, Decentralized.Voice Assistant Technology and Solutions..For the past several decades, we’ve had to make a constant effort to learn how the machines around us work. We now feel saturated..But what if we could use AI to make machines communicate like humans, using natural language? Perhaps then, we could simply ask them what we want, making technology so intuitive that it simply disappears into the background..Create your voice assistant for free, then pick a name and language..Make your assistant understand what you say by choosing from our community-created intents..Create and share your own intents simply by giving a few examples. Snips will automatically infer what you want, and generate hundreds or even thousands of additional examples to train your assistant!.Deploy your assistant to your Raspberry Pi, Android or Linux device. It will run completely on-device, keeping your data safe and private!.At Snips, we believe in Privacy by Design.Snips was built from scratch to protect your privacy. Everything runs directly on-device, meaning no one will ever hear your voice but you. This required over 4 years of research, during which our team pushed th...

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