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Smallhold: Grow mushrooms anywhere, without being a farmer..Smallhold is the first, and only, organic farm in NYC. It's also the only mushroom farm. This farm isn't in one place—it's distributed throughout partner restaurants, grocery stores, and markets using our technology. Here's what they're growing..Pink Oyster - Salmon to pink in color. Strong flavor, meaty texture..Golden Oyster - Delicate and light in both flavor and texture..Chestnut - Nutty and original flavor. Exquisite raw..King Oyster - Highly versatile. Absorbs flavor. Center of plate..Combine oysters to juxtapose floral and meaty flavors, textures..Chestnuts by the block - ask about special orders..Lion's Mane - the most underrated of cultivatable mushrooms..Young Lion's Mane - nutty flavor, seafood-esque texture. Said to cut through brain fog..Blue Oyster - Bacon but not. Versatility, also allows for "true to form" mushroom plating..Pink Oyster Clusters - roast whole for an alarmingly flavorful experience..Pioppino/Velvet Cap.Pioppino/Velvet Cap - Add some snap to your soup or salad..Shiitake (Grade A Only) - special order...© 2018 Smallhold, Inc..Contact Us

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