Skyfront - 5 Hour Endurance Hybrid Electric Drones for Surveillance and Mapping
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Skyfront: The Skyfront Perimeter flies for hours and carries large payloads in a wide range of operating conditions..The secret behind our long flight times is our proprietary fuel-injected G2K hybrid-electric power source. We convert gasoline into electricity in flight, giving you extreme endurance and redundant power..The fuel tanks, engine and exhaust are seamlessly integrated onto the vehicle to accommodate a sensitive payload and to streamline the vehicle. No clunky bolt on power source..The Perimeter is designed around its hybrid-electric power source, from the ground control station to the fuselage. Operation is nearly identical to operating a traditional multirotor..Smallest weight (15 kg) and form factor of any same class vehicle..Our fuel injected engines provide unprecedented reliability. No wasting time on engine tuning..The Perimeter's engine automatically starts up when the vehicle is started. No fussing around with cumbersome drill starter motors or pull starts. The engine always starts when commanded..The Perimeter can operate in temperatures as low as 15°F (-10°C). Other hybrid-electric drones cannot operate safely in low temperature conditions..From unboxing to flight, the ...

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Skyfront founded in 2014.