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Skill-lync: Job Guaranteed Master Programs | 10% Off till June 24th APPLY NOW.Log In Sign Up.With 100% Moneyback guarantee.Projects from Oct 2018.Priyotosh Bairagya.In this project Priyotosh has studied the use of BlockMesh in openFoam CFD simulations..Jorge Martinez.Jorge has performed a 1D study of the flow through a Convergent Divergent Nozzle using Matlab..Utkarsh Garg.Utkarsh has performed CFD simulations using Solidworks for a NACA airfoil for various attack angles..Skill Lync students work on top technical projects which helps them get amazing opportunities.Here is a list of handpicked projects that our students have worked on.Need motivation to join SKILL LYNC? Checkout amazing success stories.Read reviews by over 100+ customers.The projects that I worked on helped me get a fully funded MS admit..Key reasons why you should choose Skill Lync.Work on cutting edge industry relevant projects.Access course material anytime and anywhere.Enjoy 100 hours of support for each course you enroll.When you enroll with us, our HR department will provide amazing resources to help you get your dream job..Good GPA has never been enough. Do you want to stand apart from the crowd? Be a part of SKILL LYNC ...

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