Skeleton Technologies

Ultracapacitors and supercapacitors for energy storage
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Skeleton Technologies: Skeleton Technologies’ patented curved graphene is changing the world of energy storage. Our superior technology enables us to deliver ground-breaking energy storage solutions with market leading power and energy density. Our products are used across industries from automotive to aerospace and everything in between..Skeleton Technologies provides rapid-response power using ultracapacitors. A world first in the 100% renewable energy Scottish independent microgrid..Increasing volumes of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are driving the need for energy storage technology to level power load and reduce the strain on the grid..Ultracapacitors have been used in heavy transportation for many years. With increasingly stringent regulations around fuel efficiency and emissions controls, their use is set to grow exponentially..To increase fuel efficiency and decrease emissions, ultracapacitor energy storage is the right choice for mild and micro hybrid city buses..“The extremely high current tolerance of SkelCap is crucial in heavy-duty drivetrains”.Tero Järveläinen.R&D Manager, Visedo OY.“This Skeleton Technologies’ device has the best performance of any supercapacitor tested a...

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