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Siren Socks & Foot Monitoring System
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Siren Care: Siren’s Socks and Foot Monitoring System continuously track foot temperature, sending information to your doctor to help them track issues related to inflammation..The NIH recommends that people with neuropathy check their feet daily for signs of injury that can lead to foot ulcers, infection, and more1..Siren monitors foot temperature continuously, providing your doctor with information that can help them identify signs of inflammation or injury..Temperature monitoring, in contrast to visual checks alone, has been shown to improve outcomes related to ulcers by 87%2..Wear Your Socks Daily.They’re so comfortable you won’t realize they’re equipped with sensors that continuously monitor foot temperature at six key points...Get Notifications.Should signs of inflammation be detected, you and your doctor will receive notifications via the Siren companion app and/or text message...New Socks Ship Every 6 Mos..To ensure accuracy, you’ll receive a new shipment of socks to replace your current supply every six months..Better outcomes for your patients via our remote monitoring platform. Track and treat in real time with support from Siren's team of compliance and billing specialists...Adheres...

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Siren Care founded in 2015. Siren Care is located in san francisco, california, usa.

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