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Silene Biotech: Freezing your stem cells halts their aging - and allows you to access your younger cells to fight age-related diseases..Many major diseases are either caused by, or linked to, the changes in our bodies associated with aging. To combat this, scientists and doctors are using the incredible regenerative potential of stem cells in technologies and therapies to treat specific degenerative diseases..Aging is a complex phenomenon and reducing its many effects has been a goal of modern medicine. Stem cells are now being used to fight age-related disease to improve your quality of life and treat your conditions - and excitingly, the science is available today to prepare your cells for use in future therapies..Although our stem cells hold great promise to treat age-related diseases, our stem cells age with us. That means your own stem cells could be too old to use when you need them most..By preserving your stem cells, you can halt the biological aging process. Once preserved, you can access your younger stem cells in the future, when you need them the most. And by utilizing new technology, stem cell collection and storage is more convenient and affordable than ever..StemFreeze - affordable,...

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