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SickWeather: Sickweather knows where sick people are, and where they will be, with real time and predictive insights at the point of incidence..At Sickweather, our mission is to provide the most accurate, predictive and meaningful sickness forecast in the world to consumers and businesses alike. Our clients include some of the biggest names in pharmaceuticals, insurance, retail, household hygiene, and OTC. We envision a world in which Sickweather's responsible and open curation of both clinical and anecdotal sickness data will create a singular, trusted global health surveillance system for the purpose of reducing healthcare costs, preventing hospital re-admissions, and decelerating the spread of illness..Sickweather Pro was built by epidemiologists to unlock the power of Sickweather's data in an easy to understand analytics dashboard. Features include:.Our API is built upon our patent-pending technology and powers third party illness trackers like the cold and flu trackers for Clorox, Swaive Smart Thermometers, Weather Channel, AccuWeather and more! These partnerships drive more data and engagement back into Sickweather, supporting a single global health API..Get read/write access to millions ...

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