Shopular delivers the best information from your favorite retailers right to your phone.
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Shopular: Get the latest promotions and events from your favorite retailers right to your phone.With the wonders of geo-locating, this app pushes relevant deals to your smart phone as soon as you walk into the store..The latest top offers from retailers.Never miss a deal with our location-based notifications.Deals from the most popular retailers across the country.Deals and coupons redeemed right from your phone.You decide which deals you want to see.Interact with shoppers, share savings tips and tricks.It is easy to use and full of good offers. The app allows me to customize my deals so that I can easily find exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks shopular!.I never thought an App could be part of my everyday life. Shopular has been an essential tool in my household to maximize savings..This has become my go-to app when I’m shopping. I love that when I forget to check for deals, Shopular alerts me that my favorite stores are having a sale..Shopular has made living on my own and supporting myself 10x easier! The app notifies me of sales from my favorite retailers when I am near them.

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Shopular founded in 2012.