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Shippable: Tools available today are great for atomic tasks, but connecting them into an end-to-end automated workflow is time consuming, complicated, and requires thousands of lines of fragile, custom scripts..It is very challenging to piece together metrics and other data across teams and tools and organize it in a way that helps measure and improve your automation workflows and processes..Mundane tasks like maintaining and upgrading runtime images, and applying security patches can be a time sink. Plus, testing each code change against multiple environments can be prohibitively expensive..The CD toolchain is fragmented and needs a lot of effort and custom scripting to achieve end-to-end automation. With Shippable, you can automate 5x faster with a platform that handles a lot of the complexity and helps you easily connect tools and processes into streamlined workflows in a standard fashion across all types of applications..A big part of automation is managing build infrastructure, provisioning and deprovisioning environments, keeping build images updated with patches and latest versions of platforms, languages, tools, and CLIs. Shippable helps automate all these mundane activities and helps...

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