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Shift Labs: DRIPASSIST HUMAN.DRIPASSIST VETERINARY.RESOURCES & NEWS.PURCHASE NOW.More.simple saves lives..You've wanted simpler clinical tools for a long time..DripAssist® Infusion Rate Monitor delivers fast, precise IV infusions anywhere..Press Release:.Shift Labs Announces Expansion of Patent Portfolio Covering Data Capture for a Next-Gen Infusion Product.> Learn More.Special Operations Medical Association Scientific Assembly (SOMSA) // May 6-10.National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) Annual Conference // March 9-13, 2019.With a device so small that it fits in your hand, get unprecedented versatility and portability for IV treatments..Manage and monitor IV drips easily without pumps, and confidently use gravity infusion. No need for asset tracking, calibration, or maintenance..DripAssist counts drops accurately within 1% for constant, reliable monitoring of any medication or fluid.."Bringing on innovations like DripAssist allows us to leverage our extensive nursing expertise and give our patients peace of mind that they’re getting the best possible care.".JOAN COUDEN, VP OF NURSING, OPTION CARE ENTERPRISES."I don’t have to worry about plugging DripAssist in, or about specific types of tubi...

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