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Shelf Engine: Shelf Engine manages orders of your highly perishables.1218 3rd Ave Seattle WA you like to talk to someone on the Shelf Engine team about getting set up? Enter your email below or send us a note at© 2019 Shelf Engine. All rights reserved.FOLLOW US ON.Twitter Facebook LinkedIn.ABOUT US.Shelf Engine guarantees sales for grocery stores..Shelf Engine manages your orders with intelligent forecasting. See why Shelf Engine can predict the perfect order..Shelf Engine guarantees the forecasted orders. You don’t pay for any spoilage..Getting started is super-fast and easy. Try with just one category or one vendor. Set up and get running in less than a week..The Shelf intelligent forecasting uses AI to make the perfect order. As you keep using Shelf Engine, the forecasting continues to get smarter..Watch your sales increase by minimizing out of stocks. Don't worry about overstocking, we eat the cost of spoilage.

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