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Sheertex: Your cart is currently empty..Sheertex is different at a molecular level. Patent pending, Sheertex is stronger, cooler, and lighter than any knit on the market today and made with the world’s strongest fibers..With a high resistance to bonding to anything, our fiber is naturally antimicrobial, odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic..The tensile strength of our fiber is 4000-6000 which makes it pound for pound ten times stronger than steel..Our fiber has an absorption rate of virtually zero it is resistant to water and moisture. Our fiber will never lose its strength due to swelling caused by the absorption of water..Having a specific gravity of 0.928 our fiber is one of the lightest weight in the world..Our fiber has a high level of crystallinity and molecular mass which gives it excellent temperature conductivity, this quickly transfers heat and creates a cooling effect..Having an incredibly high molecular weight, our fiber doesn't wear easily. It gets its strength from its extremely long-chain molecules, resulting in a very rugged material..Unbreakable sheers, powered by Sheertex Technology, classic sheer waist to toe..Sheertex, the world’s toughest sheer knit, can be used in a wide v...

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