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Seva Coffee: Home.Product.About.Contact.Blog.More....Start with this little raw green coffee bean..This is the magic bean that powers your day but you’ve probably never seen it this way. When green, this bean doesn’t stale or go bad, and stays fresh. And freshness means goodbye bitter...We use the finest single origin green beans from thirty different countries around the globe. Coffee with complexity and sophistication that exceeds that of wine..And guess what, we turn this bean into a cup of coffee you drink in a moment on your kitchen countertop..Impossible until now, Indispensable from now on.....We all need more magic in our lives..So we designed this little robot for your kitchen..It starts with that green coffee bean..Green goes in. Magnificent coffee pours down. Grinds come out...What happens inside? We roast in a moment, grind to perfect little particles,.and master the art of extraction, to make the perfect cup of coffee..All automatically at the touch of button....We call it the Coffee Studio. The first of its kind. Why?.It let’s you create. Coffee is the most complex food known with 700 flavor compounds, three times more than wine. This discovery amazed us. The more we played, the m...

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