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Sensifai: In-Device, On-Premise, and On-Cloud.Try out our ready to use Image and Video Recognition systems or Customize them to Your Usecase easily..World's First Deep-Neural, All On-device and Realtime Video Recognition Application for Smartphones, Robots, and Drones.Elevate Your Production with Sensifai Video AI Technologies.Try your own videos and images on our live video and image recognition demo. It recognizes celebrities, logos, landmarks, nudity, scenes, objects, attributes, sports and actions..Edge Computing of Artificial Intelligence and video AI on small, light, and energy efficient chipsets. Deep-neural, all on-device and real-time video and image recognition, segmentation and enhancement for robots and smartphone Apps..Bring Speech Recognition, Video AI and image Recognition to Your Products by Sensifai.Create robots that understand the surrounding environment, and assist elderly or impaired people with Sensifai..Sensifai empowers your robots to perform instant or semantic video segmentation in real time..Empower your robots to recognize thousands of objects and scenes in real time without any Internet connection..Find and tag nudity, violence, smoking, drinking, and swearwords ...

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