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Seldon: Why replicate effort and expense building and maintaining your machine learning infrastructure? Work with us and we’ll help you get started quicker and easier, with low capital overheads..We use only industry-standard open-source technologies that work with the tools you’re already using. So you can free your data teams to focus on core model creation and enable devops to manage deployments using tools they understand..Tackle the governance bottlenecks that come with enterprise-scale machine learning deployment. At Seldon, we enable you to release models faster – all with bank-grade audit trails, approvals and explanations..We’re framework agnostic, so you can deploy models from any machine learning library or framework using microservices and containers..With Seldon, you can scale without fear. We build to scale with your organisation, comfortably serving billions of predictions each month..Be anywhere. Run Seldon on your favourite cloud provider, on your premises or have it fully managed by us – it’s all your choice..Seldon Core, our open-source framework, makes it easier and faster to deploy your machine learning models and experiments at scale on Kubernetes. Serve your models b...

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Seldon founded in 2014.