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Saucey Inc.: Fan favorites, seasonal booze, and local picks..We’re already on our way—no need to get up..We’re outside—Cheers! See you for round two..“ Honestly I initially used Saucey simply because I love the idea of alcohol delivered to my door… The last time I used Saucey I got awesome bourbon with ginger ale and lime (for the hubs, I drink it straight) for less than I could have paid at the store, even including tip. DAMN! ”.“ This app is A GAME CHANGER!! Works flawlessly, easy to order! I ordered something as small as cider and arrived in 22 min! ”.“ Saucey has literally become a lifestyle changer for me. I’m often way too busy or burnt out after work to want to go back out for booze when I realize my fridge is empty and I need a well earned beer. Enter Saucey. ”.“ The only way I get my beer now! They have a pretty solid selection. Haven’t been to the liquor store in months. ”.“ Entertaining is way easier. I don’t have to leave the party to replenish the well, so I get more time with my friends and my buzz. ”

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