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Saleswhale: Saleswhale's AI sales assistant engages and qualifies marketing-generated leads at scale, through two-way intelligent email conversations, before handing over qualified leads to sales reps..Trusted by marketing and demand generation leaders.You've generated tons of leads from your marketing campaigns..But sales lacks the bandwidth to follow up with all of them, leading to lost opportunities and leads falling through the cracks..Saleswhale helps you close the sales-marketing gap by intelligently distinguishing qualified leads from tire-kickers..We deploy AI sales assistants that hold natural, human-like, back and forth email conversations with every lead..Our AI follows up tirelessly, engages and qualifies leads through two-way conversations, and includes handling requests for information and referrals..When a lead is qualified and is interested in a sales conversation, your AI hands them over to your sales team..Saleswhale functions as a stand-alone platform, but works best integrated with Salesforce. Your AI assistant will reach out to your leads based on specific rules that you set e.g. “leads not touched by sales in the last six months.”.The AI sales assistant initiates back-and...

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