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SPIDR Tech: Often due to a lack of resources, law enforcement agencies around the world struggle to communicate effectively with their customers: crime victims and reporting parties. This results in a lack of transparency, unrealistic expectations, frustrating outcomes, and poor public perception..The SPIDR Tech platform enables law enforcement agencies to automatically send one-to-one text messages, emails and mobile-friendly surveys to their customers. These messages are triggered off of RMS and CAD data. This technology can be used in a variety of applications, and is designed to fit around the communications and investigation workflows that work best for the agency..Send crime victims emails and text messages that provide them with more information on their cases. These simple updates have led agencies to over a 40% reduction in administrative call volume..Automatically generate and send a templated text message to people who call 911 and generate a call for service..Send quick, mobile-friendly surveys to your crime victims and reporting parties. Survey data is analyzed and broken down by location, crime type, and more..One-to-one messaging..No apps, just texts and emails..Have internal an...

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