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SIRUM: These unexpired drugs are collected from manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies and health facilities. Medicines go to clinics and pharmacies and are dispensed to low-income patients..Our platform allows donor and recipient organizations to easily upload medicine surplus or needs like a “” for medicine..We connect donor and recipient organizations and coordinate donation logistics including itemized drug manifests, tracking and shipping..Donors save time and money by donating instead of destroying their unused medicine..Recipients are able to provide medicine to patients who otherwise couldn’t afford it..patients to receive medicine they need to be healthy.pounds of waste by eliminating the need to produce new medicine.people who skip their prescriptions due to cost in the U.S..including chronic diseases and other illnesses to live happier, healthier, and higher-quality lives.for our economy and our health.unused medication is currently dumped or burned and ends up in our waterways and our air.Maria’s Story.Maria is making an investment in her future by attending a certification program to become a home health aide. But, the cost of school is greater than just the tuition....

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