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SICdrone: Enhanced flight distance capability with thrust vectoring activated.Transport heavy payloads at high-speeds.Staying under FAA 100mph speed limit, of course 😉.Hold position in high wind conditions.Plug-and-Play multispectral, HD, thermal, night-vision cameras.SICdrone has highly stable aircraft perfect for energy asset surveys and inspections for wind farms and pipelines anywhere the world, including offshore and harsh environments. The future of clean energy is rapidly expanding and drones will be a major part of the inspections and maintenance of these immense structures..SICdrone eyes-in-the-sky have abilities to effectively encounter hostile UAS in air-to-air confrontations and intercept unidentified drones quickly, providing police and military with assistance during dangerous conditions..Professional, high-stability unmanned aircraft for film studios, real estate brokers and photographers are now capturing photos and video with state of the art multi-camera systems..An immediate real-time aerial view from sUAS allows first responders from search and rescue, police and especially fire departments to fight and track fires efficiently and effectively while also keeping tabs on f...

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