RocketLit serves differentiated, standards-based science and history readings to students to save time lesson planning for teachers. Our leveled science and history articles allow all learners in a classroom to improve literacy by reading at their independent reading level, and learn core concepts at the same time.
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RocketLit: We figure out what your students need and personalize reading to each student's own reading level..As comprehension improves, we constantly adapt student reading levels by moving each student up and down when they're ready..Find tons of NGSS aligned non-fiction in one place, written in a fun voice students love, filled with analogies they can grasp..Your students read three short articles, each followed by a quiz. This sets their initial reading level for upcoming assignments..After reading, your students take a multiple choice quiz and their reading level adapts based on how well they do..Students can highlight, circle, and underline text then attach their own notes for teachers to look over..These come at the end of a quiz, right after the multiple choice section, and can be turned on or off for any assignment..Students at lower reading levels or those who need to can listen to the article while following along as text is highlighted..Quickly see what vocabulary words students struggled with to help you focus on reteaching troublesome concepts..Sort articles by NGSS Performance Expectations or Cross-Cutting Concepts. You can also browse by unit or search for specific terms..Use o...

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