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Revolar: Revolar is your link to the people you care about — a connection created with a click..Revolar's line of personal safety devices provide peace of mind, allowing you to stay in touch with friends and family, or quickly send for help, all with the click of a button..Making a call or opening an app can take 15+ seconds, time you typically don't have in an emergency. With Revolar you simply click a button and send for help in seconds..With one simple click you can let the people that matter know that you arrived safely. Revolars Safe Check-in feature provides peace of mind and like every Revolar alert automatically share your GPS location, keeping you connected every day..Revolar can worn any way YOU choose. Every Revolar devices can be discreetly worn on your clothing, clipped to your keys or attached to your bag..Your children can quickly and easily let you know where they are, or that they made it home safely, with the Revolar Safe Check-In..With Revolar get Peace of Mind • Instant security at your finger tips.Learn more.Take Revolar Anywhere • Check-in when back at your hotel.Revolar for employee safety.With Revolar feel Connected • Share updates on your location.Buy Now.With Revol...

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