Revl - Automatic Video Solution for Adventure Experiences
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Revl: Our smart video system does the job of five video editors combined, and on top of that, provides multiple high quality video edits that are optimized for all social media platforms..Our system automatically sends a branded email with a link to a web delivery page where customers can watch and download their videos and photos. Media can also be accessed through the Revl Mobile app..Record all your customers and the after-sales email flow will automatically send personalized video ads to your customers, allowing them to upgrade or purchase media packages after the experience. (Coming Soon).Customers select a video package from the Revl Onboarding app and are given a QR sticker by staff..Staff members scan the QR tag at the start of the video and then the Revl camera captures the experience..Staff members dock the cameras into the Revl Box and it automatically starts editing videos and photos..Videos and photos are sent to the customer’s email and the Revl apps making sharing frictionless..We have media solutions tailored for different types of adventure business. Learn how Revl can help your business thrive..Our mission is to make video easy for all types of adventure experiences whe...

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