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Rev Genomics: Nucleic acid sequencing has been commoditized - it is easy and inexpensive. The difficulty is making biological sense of all the data generated. By using our proprietary Genomics Data Pipeline, we are able to process large amounts of data to tailor the plant breeding process for maximal efficiency. Our process shrinks the time to market, drastically reduces costs associated with cultivar development, and allows for rational phenotype design..Most tissue culture programs focus on large-scale propagation of existing strains. At Rev Genomics, however, we are pioneering tissue culture techniques to create true-breeding cultivars that have unique and stable phenotypes. Our approach to tissue culture is not just about manufacturing, but rather high-value trait creation..Many traits such as yield, growth, and disease resistance are not controlled by a single gene, but rather many genes scattered across the plant genome. Utilizing Whole Genome Selection, we are able to breed and select for numerous traits simultaneously, ultimately stacking useful phenotypes to create game-changing, super cultivars. This methodology is the cornerstone of the Rev Genomics D.A.F. Breeding Platform..Bertrand ...

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