Resourceful Humans

The Way of Resourceful Humans creates a network of autonomous teams to get any meaningful mission done.
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Resourceful Humans: Resourceful Humans.100% Entrepreneurship.0% Bureaucracy.Leaders.Innovation.Trust.Networked Teams.Engagement.Resourceful Humans.on all levels.The RH-Way creates a network of autonomous teams to get any meaningful mission done..aiRH is the best tool to run your organisation as an entrepreneurial network..The Way to creating Leaders at every level is The Way of Resourceful Humans!.David Marquet Captain (retired) USS Santa Fe Author of the best-selling business book "Turn the Ship around".The Way is cutting edge in Enabling repatriation of Leadership & HR skills back into teams, with convincing Culture Management Tools..Frank Kohl-Boas Head of HR DACH, Nordics & Benelux Google.Democracy is the best known approach to systemically tackle Complexity. The RH-Way provides the most humble and thoughtful framework to implement an entrepreneurial Network in any social system..Professor Gilbert Probst Managing Director World Economic Forum Professor of HEC, University of Geneva.By combining the visions of autonomous teams and multiplayer games we created something unique, addressing the needs of networked organisations. We designed aiRH as an entirely new kind of technology, completely changing...

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