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Remesh: Use Remesh to create campaigns that resonate.Better tools to engage and understand your employees.Use Remesh to ideate and gather feedback about your product..Learn, improve and optimize the experience for your audience.Get to the heart of the issue in real-time, without filters or bias.Learn more about our mission and team.Join us on our quest to uncover Truth.Powered by AI and guided by real people, the Remesh platform enables you to discover Truth by engaging and understanding a live audience in real-time..Remesh lets you have a back and forth conversation with a live audience. You ask. They answer. Our algorithms give you the Truth, so you can steer the conversation in real-time..The Remesh Platform lets you have a conversation with a live audience, where you can ask open-ended questions, and then analyzes and segments the verbatim participants' responses in real-time. This allows you to get a deeper understanding of your audience at scale - and in their own words..The better you understand your customers, employees, and constituents, the better products, companies, and experiences you can create..We believe that human experience improves when the individuals who make important...

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Remesh founded in 2014. Remesh is located in new york, new york, usa.