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RedCarpetUp: Get credit and personal loans for anything you want..Buy Now. Pay Later.LEARN MORE.We provide Zeta card and Ruby card for all your credit card needs..Read More.Get personal loans for any errand, anytime, anywhere, buy anything you want..Read More.Buy anything you want from any of you favourite Ecommerce website..Read More.No need to save for something you really want to buy! No need to block your funds! We got you covered..Download the App from the Play Store.Upload Your KYC documents.Apply for card or any personal Loan.Spend your money on anything you like.With 2 Redcarpet cards, ruby card or zeta card you have control over your funds like never before.Ordering food or booking movie tickets from an app or website? Just enter the details and your OTP. Safe. Easy. Secure!.No need to save for something you really want to buy! And you don't have to depend on anyone else for it either.What you want to buy is your business and so is managing your finances. Get instant credit with RedCarpet..Track your transactions, pay your bills and EMIs, all from the mobile app..Any Government ID like Aadhar, Voter, Driving, Passport..If you don't have a PAN card, you can sign our Form 60 and upload i...

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