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Ravti: Know where your buildings stack up and empower more intelligence for your team..Ravti helps all kinds of people — from commercial operators to vendors — increase profits..Ravti innovates HVAC for REITs, Owners, and Property Management companies for Office, Retail & Industrial Real Estate..— ICSC August 2016 Newsletter: “Rapidly evolving technology is transforming center management”.You're all set! We'll be in touch..Oops — looks like there was a problem while submitting your information. Please try again. If trouble persists, contact us at support@ravti.com..Nationwide, properties save up to 12 cents per square foot, per year with Ravti..Once we have your information, we'll start determining project scopes and let our actions speak..Service calls, repairs, replacements, proposals, preventative maintenance — the transparent and digital future is here.

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