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Rainbird: The Rainbird platform uses AI-powered automation technology to make your decision-making smarter and customer experiences smoother. From healthcare to financial services or retail to manufacturing, Rainbird will increase the rate and quality of key decisions made by your most impactful people. This will transform your productivity and customer outcomes..And unlike a human, Rainbird never has a bad day..With Rainbird you generate a giant leap in performance by combining the human expertise that’s already in your organisation with the latest AI-powered automation technology..You can simply and cost-effectively replicate best practice decision-making and make it available at scale. By using knowledge maps – not simplistic ‘if this then that’ decision trees – Rainbird makes accurate judgements, handles uncertainty and provides an auditable rationale for every decision..Rainbird is an AI-powered automation platform that scales, augments, and enhances best practice decision-making..Often, AI systems make decisions, but end users are in the dark about how conclusions were reached, and if challenged the systems themselves can’t provide any reasoning retrospectively. Rainbird’s in-built aud...

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