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Radiomaze: Making the World a Safer Place.Making the World a Safer Place.You will love Radiomaze Motion Detection solution. No additional Hardware is required. We leverage your WiFi Router as a motion sensor. We alert You if suspicious motion is detected in your home..No dedicated hardware is required. It cannot get better than this. No long-term contracts with strings attached are required..The installation is so simple that does not require the intervention of technicians. Unlike other home security systems, there are no nodes to plug to wall outlets. The WiFi Router You have at home is already your home security sensor!.No false alarms or missed detections anymore thanks to the patented motion detection through WiFi technology of Radiomaze..Radiomaze covers the entire floor plan of your home through your WiFi radiowaves that travel through walls and furniture. Traditional motion sensors and cameras lack the coverage required to truly secure your space..Traditional sensors are ugly, conspicuous, and vulnerable. Radiomaze does not require any nodes, so they are completely hidden from view. This drastically heightens the security of the space while maintaining aesthetic beauty..Video cameras ...

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