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Rabbet: Rabbet is the only construction finance platform that intelligently parses documents and connects information for frictionless transactions..Make better disbursement decisions, faster..Prepare draws in a fraction of the time..Imagine construction finance without spreadsheets and PDFs. Rabbet created the interactive Contextualized Construction Draw format to provide information that is automatically connected, actionable and auditable..The Connected Construction Economy Unlocks Frictionless Transactions.Automated document parsing removes time-consuming, error-prone steps from the existing process. The connected draw experience means no more digging for supporting documentation..Proactive error detection ensures project compliance. The interactive platform provides faster confirmation of project requirements and more informed funding decisions..Everyone is on the same page with a centralized view of the project. Plus, the platform structures current and historical construction portfolio information to reveal actionable insights..The platform gets smarter with each transaction, allowing for standardization of internal process while maintaining flexibility to meet each individual proje...

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