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ROOMATIC: As a traveler you might know how challenging it can get to order room service to your hotel room. It starts with finding the room service menu and it goes on when trying to figure out the correct number you need to dial on an ancient machine sitting on your bedside table also known as a landline telephone. Similar experiences await you when it comes to other very common traveler needs such as ordering a taxi, having your laundry bag picked up, requesting a wake-up call or reporting a problem with your room. With Roomatic these times are over! Our service lets you take advantage of hotel amenities with ease..Roomatic is available at a growing number of hotels across Europe..Thanks a lot for your interest!.Roomatic has been created in 2014 by well traveled people with a technology background. We just didn't understand why a hotel room is the only environment where we still need to use landline telephones when dealing with common scenarios that could as well be handled by software on a mobile device.

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