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RADAR: Know what's in your store All the time, in real time.And exactly where it is.All the time, in real time....Until now, RFID for retail hasn’t lived up to the hype..RADAR is changing that..Combined with computer vision, our technology achieves unprecedented speed and location accuracy..0 x.More precision.x.Faster reads.RADAR tracks every item in your store in real-time, down to its slightest movement..With this level of precision, you can restock instantly and find what your customer wants faster than ever..Quantity./100.Our speed and accuracy gives you unparalleled insight into every customer-product interaction..Know exactly how your customers engage with your store, down to the item-level..RADAR’s speed and location accuracy enables autonomous checkout..Items are automatically added to your customer’s cart as they shop..Customers are charged automatically the second they exit your store..Total.$.Interested in learning more? Get in touch..Today, buying inventory remains the largest cost in retail, yet managing that inventory effectively is still one of the industry’s biggest problems. When it was introduced, RFID was meant to revolutionize inventory management, but it still hasn’t....

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