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Qimple: Competing for talent is tough. That's why you need a competitive edge. We are your secret weapon..Captivate the attention of the greatest candidates on the planet by showing them what makes your organization so awesome..Tara McIntyre, Human Resources Manager,.Create better connections with candidates with easy messaging and custom templates. Never leave a candidate in the dark again..John Phillip Green, Founder and Chief Executive Dad,.Get laser focused on the best candidates with smart filters and thoughtful questions at the application stage..Thomas Rankin, Co-founder and CEO,.Easily connect your job ads with your network, social channels, and job boards to amplify your visibility..Mike Shanks, National Recruiting Manager,.Superheros are better with sidekicks. Leverage your team with easy collaboration and sharing tools..Mike C, Candidate,.See how Alongside can help you grow your team with ease. Your first 14 days are free!

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