The Pursuit Team Joins Twitch - James Sun - Medium
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Pursuit: Hello everyone!.We are excited to announce that the Pursuit team is joining Twitch! We are ecstatic about joining the Twitch family to take what we’ve learned building Pursuit and Revlo to help build exciting, interactive experiences for communities around the world..About 4 years ago, we started a company called Revlo. It was a fan engagement platform that helped over 100,000 Twitch creators reward and interact with their communities of more than 40 million viewers. Despite the adoption and enthusiasm, we had to shut down Revlo because we struggled to find a sustainable business model..Shortly after in 2017, we built Pursuit, an advanced analytics engine for esports. Within a year, we were working with Overwatch League teams like the Philadelphia Fusion and the Atlanta Reign. In fact, during the 2018 Overwatch World Cup, half of the national teams were using Pursuit to help analyze player performance during scrims..Throughout this journey, we stayed close with the team at Twitch. They helped us a bunch along the way, and everyone there shared our deep passion for community and interaction in gaming. As we considered the future, it became evident that Twitch had the resources and s...

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