Pulpix Video Recommendations and Monetization
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Pulpix: .Our proprietary algorithm serves a personalized video feed to your users based on content and preferences..Pulpix is designed to enhance your mobile site with a viewing experience truly made for mobile..This feed is the solution for the lack of space and inventory your mobile sites suffer from..Increase video views by 70% thanks to a premium video experience..Double time spent on site with a personalized video stream..Pulpix increase the viewability of your video inventory to match with IAB standards...Pulpix Manager allows media brands to manage their video inventory across all of their properties from a single dashboard..Our analytics capture trending videos and audience engagement, and uncover new video ad opportunities..Manage your direct or programmatic campaigns, or let us monetise your new inventory for you.."We were looking for a sophisticated solution to increase our inventory and keep our audience loyal. Pulpix is the perfect match.”."Artificial intelligence applied to video consumption offers tremendous potential in improving engagement"..Set yourself apart from the crowd. Expose your viewers to new ways of experiencing video through our different formats..Increase the ...

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