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Pubble: Answering the same questions over and over again is not good use of anyone's time. By creating a knowledge base of FAQ's the Pubblebot can answer the repetitive questions for you. Freeing you up to answer the questions that really need your attention..Let's face it. The same questions come up all the time. Where can I buy x? Is it compatible with y? So how about as the questions come in, you create an FAQ for each product? A perfectly worded question and the perfect answer. And the Pubblebot takes care of the rest..Ever have to send multiple emails to get that reply that you really need? Slows you down right? Fast customer service is not just about being online 24/7. Its about getting input from the relevant expert as quickly as possible. Pubble's team messaging helps bring in the people that really matter to every conversation..How about making all of the organisation's expertise available whether your customer is online or instore? Pubble connects your sales assistants to the knowledge base for every product. And if they have a question that's not covered in the FAQ's, Pubble makes it really easy to send a question to the relevant product expert..Pubble's mobile apps for iOS and ...

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