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Promise: We enable optimal performance in criminal justice agencies. Our tools support case manager’s efficiency, make measuring outcomes easy, and empower your clients to meet their court-ordered obligations..Get your clients the tools they need for a complicated system. We help them keep track of their requirements in one place on a mobile app. Clients can communicate with you, upload documents, and more. We can send personalized reminders to help reduce violations..We securely consolidate data from your existing systems. You can quickly develop client plans, compare risk assessments, and identify which clients need attention. Instead of spreadsheets or file cabinets, we put data into one place. View program stats on an interactive dashboard..Promise’s visual dashboards provide a bird’s-eye view of all your program’s cases, so you can monitor progress in real-time. Program auditing and analytics tools help identify what’s working and why, so you can improve overall performance and outcomes quickly..At Promise we’re committed to helping you take advantage of the latest cutting-edge tools and software. We would love to share all the features we have planned in our product roadmap. If you’re...

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