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Productive Mobile: The leading platform to deliver consumer-grade software to your employees.Your employees are frustrated.Employees spend on average 25% of their time looking up data. The difficulty to access data leads to slow & uninformed decisions..Employee facing software is often hard to use, complex and slow. It results in a lack of engagement, a need for long trainings and a lot of shadow IT..IT is too busy to handle change requests and upgrades, the consequence is that IT systems don't change as fast as the business need which can hurt business results..The simplest and most flexible platform to design, deliver and evolve consumer-grade interfaces for employee workflows. Combining state-of-the-art UX Design with Robotic Process Automation to enhance your IT systems..Get a Demo.Clear benefits for a winning mobile strategy.Use your employees’ current skillset to do it and save precious onboarding time..Reduce time and effort to maintain and evolve your systems over time..Modernize business operations. Modern look and feel. Consumer-grade. Beautiful design out-of-the-box..Consolidate several systems into a unified workflow, or augment one workflow with data and actions of another..Go fast witho...

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