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Product info Powering Medical Practices Globally.© 2019 Policy.About us.News Room.Praktice Blog.Healthcare Chatbot.The AI solution is trained on 35 million medical and dental scenarios to understand patient's medical context pre, between and post consultations in a jiffy..Followups, Referrals, insurances, provider coverages, doctor preferences Sarah understands every bit to navigate the patients to the right care provider across the hospital group..Developed specifically to deliver compliance and security for healthcare's platform delivers healthcare compliance out-of-the-box..Each patient's medical need is different and so is the care journey. Our contextual medical AI solution is trained to understand patient's medical concerns and hospital operational processes to drive more revenues by converting 24 % more leads, way more than humanly possible (5%). Which means more footfall at zero additional operational cost. Sarah navigates care at all the steps of the patient journey pre, between and post consultations. Automating some of the toughest operations in healthcare..Hospitals are spending billions annually to manage the hospital operations t...

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