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Polymer: Three years ago we set out to create a platform that would bring Makers, Inventors and Hardware Professionals from all over the world together and allow them to join forces. Our vision was to build a global network of people who love building things together. And over the course of these years we came up with many promising ideas to make that happen, like Knowable, a tool to collaborate on hardware projects, and Polymer, a place to find the right people to work with..As with every company, it was a bumpy but exciting road: We had a great team, discovered tons of interesting projects along the way and got to know so many amazing people here in Berlin and all around the world. Your feedback and your ideas often gave us the drive to go the extra mile; to put in everything we got. For that we’re deeply thankful..Unfortunately neither Polymer nor Knowable saw the traction that was necessary to support a venture funded business model. And that means we had to close both platforms on April 15, 2015. It’s a decision that we didn’t take lightly – and we’re still working to figure out a future for the technology and expertise that we’ve built over the last couple of years. If you are interes...

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