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Polydone: Everything you need to manage Projects & Resources from a single, intuitive and automated platform..Polydone’s Kanban Board is unique in tracking the progress of every project, and in enabling you to use filters to find exactly the tasks you’re looking for..Who’s busy? Who’s not? Who’s working on what and when? Polydone answers all these questions so you can distribute workload evenly and see which client and projects time and money is being spent on..Jumpstart your projects with best practice templates that you can save and reuse across the company. Stay compliant and make sure nothing falls through the cracks with well-defined steps and tasks..With Sprints, you can break down monolithic projects into achievable milestones, so you can focus on what’s important now while still monitoring overall progress..Schedule tasks on a calendar to plan the week or month ahead, see clearly who's working on what and when, predict when tasks and projects will be completed..No need to create them. Polydone generates timesheets automatically in real time as tasks are completed, so no-one has to try to remember what they worked on last week..“Bad estimates and poor tracking are the #1 cause of proj...

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